Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just A Shout Out

Just a shout out to say hi and let everyone know Tammi will be back in the free world within the next six months.  She'll be back to talking on Facebook and Blogging on here as well.  If you want to write her you can send a letter via  using her inmate #1700208  or traditional mail at the following address:
Tamara Corbett #1700208
Dawson Unit
P.O. Box 650051
Dallas, TX 75265

4 comments: said...

I thought she was suppose to be out in November of this last year.. Have i missed something.

Tamara said...

She did not get the early release

Bill said...

she will be out in Oct of this year

Lucy Smith said...


So good to find you at last. How are you? Please keep in touch.

Ms. Lucy