Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm so Discouraged!!!

I just RECENTLY got my desktop out of the computer shop for a hardware problem,at the same time,they found several viruses & worms (which I was pretty sure of anyways)....NOW,I have another virus that got into my yahoo email acct.,that sent out an email to literally EVERY contact in my yahoo address book.IN that email it tells u to click on a certain link...which I'm pretty sure either gives you a virus as well...or opens up to some sort of spam.The reason I know is #1.) a friend emailed & sent it back to show me.And #2.) There are SEVERAL of those kickback "Mailer-Daemon"thing's which tell you those accounts are closed.I'm scared to even open all those Mailer Daemons to see who is doing this.The bummer is,this viscious virus can't be detected through my virus short..if you get an email from me.Delete it and you won't get it Complete Computing says.(the computer shop I take all my problems to).I quit emailing & use facebook for any contact.I'm under Tamara C.MY FACEBOOK  link.That should get u there.Again,don't open an email.But if by chance u not click on that link inside the email.Sorry folks.Since I can't figure out the "fix" on my own...back to the shop this sucker goes.Another $70.Fortunately,this thing hasn't wreaked havoc on anything else but my yahoo acct.So no worry's being here on my u on your blog.Don't be scared,the virus won't be following me.LOL..I asked the professionals @ the shop.They said it's a common one that I must have gotten from a friend as well...and I know exactly who,cuz that same email kept coming 2 me from Darrel,a friend that I trusted to open his mail.Cuz usually I don't open anything I'm not certain of.Anyways...see u on ur blog asap.
THIS is where I'm usually at,btw.LOL...OH!! And a REALLY REALLY addicting game on yahoo,is called "DRAW MY THING"....its soooo fun!! you have about 4 or 5 ppl that take turns...your given a word like maybe TOASTER or something & you have to draw it,and whoever guesses the word gets the points.Its a total blast.I'm not much of a gamer & dont really have the time...but this game sucks me in BIG TIME! Its so fun!!! I think this is the link DRAW MY THING ...


Walker said...

I always delete anything my virus protector says it looks suspicious or if its an IM like i get from you when you are not actually on.

You got to learn how to do this stuff on your own and save the money.
I have taught both my kids how to fix their computers.

In order to avoid this headache you have to stop using freeware and accepting emails from people you don't know.

tweetey30 said...

I dont always open things but sometimes.. Well hope you have it fixed..I dont contact you unless its here or facebook.hope all is well..

letti said...

ooo i may have to head on over to "Draw my thing"