Tuesday, October 2, 2018

God is so good

I love my lil nuggets so much. I’m so blessed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Saturday, April 21, 2018


I wish the outcome of Richards visit 2 the Dr. would have turned out different.My hopes were that this new Sr. would convince Richard 2 go to the ER....just 2 see why he's breathing so shallow,& to help him walk more stable,even if it means another 22 days of rehabilitation.He's a strong-willed man & at 86,I guess I may be the same way & want 2 do things my way.I just want him to get healthy again,but I guess he'll go in (like he did last time) when he couldn't even get out of bed.Maybe I just worry too much...he's finally getting up and walking more & more tho,so I thank the Lord for that.I just hate 2 see him in pain w/ his thyroid (neck area) and his knees that have had 4 surgeries (on one)...it's sad to see him sickly...but I know God has the wheel,and so I have 2 give Richard to Him & try" not 2 worry so much. #toGodBetheGlory

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wow!! I began this blog on September 18,2002

I cannot believe I started this blog in 2002...15 years ago!!! I WAS gona delete this entire blog....but decided to just NOT delve into my ugly,innapropriate past,and journal now how good God is & how good it feels to be clean.No pills that kept me numb...no running out of pills & turning to other numbing mess...I'm just happy that I am still on this earth to love on my grandbabies whenever I get the opportunity,and live a life pleasing to God ...I did read one post and decided..no way.I refuse to acknowlege that person that was typing all the good,the bad & a whole-lot of ugly!
  Thank You Lord for this day. Thank You!!

Happy happy happy!

I have never been able to say that I am truly happy.Only--and I truly mean,it's ONLY by the Grace of God that I have such peace & joy in my heart.I just want to say TANK YOU LORD for another day that was never promised to any of us.