Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Living a life free of negativity

 Thank you Lord for another day to serve you. So many have went on to be with you Lord and so we should celebrate. Even though it sounds so hard to do, just knowing that this is not our home our real home Is in Heaven with You. Just want to say thank you and I hope then it zillions of others are thanking you at this very moment no matter what the circumstances we are certainly blessed. 🤗

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

God is so good

I love my lil nuggets so much. I’m so blessed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Saturday, April 21, 2018


I wish the outcome of Richards visit 2 the Dr. would have turned out different.My hopes were that this new Sr. would convince Richard 2 go to the ER....just 2 see why he's breathing so shallow,& to help him walk more stable,even if it means another 22 days of rehabilitation.He's a strong-willed man & at 86,I guess I may be the same way & want 2 do things my way.I just want him to get healthy again,but I guess he'll go in (like he did last time) when he couldn't even get out of bed.Maybe I just worry too much...he's finally getting up and walking more & more tho,so I thank the Lord for that.I just hate 2 see him in pain w/ his thyroid (neck area) and his knees that have had 4 surgeries (on one)...it's sad to see him sickly...but I know God has the wheel,and so I have 2 give Richard to Him & try" not 2 worry so much. #toGodBetheGlory

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wow!! I began this blog on September 18,2002

I cannot believe I started this blog in 2002...15 years ago!!! I WAS gona delete this entire blog....but decided to just NOT delve into my ugly,innapropriate past,and journal now how good God is & how good it feels to be clean.No pills that kept me numb...no running out of pills & turning to other numbing mess...I'm just happy that I am still on this earth to love on my grandbabies whenever I get the opportunity,and live a life pleasing to God ...I did read one post and decided..no way.I refuse to acknowlege that person that was typing all the good,the bad & a whole-lot of ugly!
  Thank You Lord for this day. Thank You!!