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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Yes,the rumor is true!
I just got back from Vegas Monday afternoon,and back to work Monday night!Holy Cow! I've been to Las Vegas a few times and never came back a "weiner" yipppeee! I came home w/ $800 more than I left w/.Sure that doesn't sound like a fortune....but ohhh my gosh did I have a blast!!Oh,and btw,the pic w/ me in the bikini?That IS my face,but NOT my,I wish.But me and the 4 dudes looking in the books beside me chose that body for me.I have lost more weight,but if I keep eating these chocolate covered peanuts(making the keys on my keyboard sticky)then I'll never reach my desired weight.LOL(oink-oink)

When I first got back,I felt like I had a case of jet-lag or something...but then my eyes started burning,runny nose...head achey...really tho it has been just a case of horrible sinus probs...maybe rag weed or pollen in the air....but the sheer excitement I had has kept my mind off the nose blowing 100 plus times a day.HA HA
Ohh yea baaabby! Do I got pix? You bet-cha!!(grin).
I went w/ family(cousins from Ca.) and a friend,and we all had such a great time.Eating,gambling,swimming,and tanning at the pool,shopping till my feet were give out.I honestly didn't think I would be able to get the time off to go until the last minute...but I HAVE to say...I have the coolest boss I've ever had.She had ALREADY given me Thurs.,FRi.,and Sat. off because I have been working so many days straight.But I VERY humbly asked her if it would be possible to have Sun. off too...but if not...then,that's OK,I would stay,cuz my airline tickets were pre-paid for coming back on Monday anyways....I asked her and she said "SURE GIRL,GO TO VEGAS,I'LL GET SUNDAY COVERED"! Talk about a sigh of releief!She's sooooo cool,huh?
We all stayed at the Fremont Hotel...right in the heart of all the action.Across from Binion's Horshoe,and the Four Queens...right on the strip! The last time I stayed at Lady Luck...but this place made a huge difference,cuz you could just walk right out of our motel/casino and into dozens of others side-by-side.Plus all the other attractions....OK,I did get bummed out cuz we didn't get to go see Elton John live....something called the "Red Piano"....OOowwwee! I SOOO wanted to go see him in concert,but it just didn't fit in the plans...but all in all.I'm back now,and feel so eager to keep smileingmy way though this whole single era I am going through.Tammi doesn't stay single long...I always find another co-dependent person to lean on...but LOOK OUT!! HERE I AM! Actually standing on MY OWN 2 feet and not feeling nailed to the floor.What a good feeling.
I have tons of pix of all of us,but even tho one of my cousins work for Microsoft,he tells me no no and hell no,don't put my face online.None of the others want me to either.Matter-of-fact,we had the hugest debate on WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO PUT THEIR BUSINESS ONLINE.I was out numbered on that,but I DID get my point across...I just couldn't get the LAST word in,ya know? ha ha I gave up.Like I said...I was out numbered,so I threw the towel in.
So your stuck looking at JUST me and the background of Vegas.LOL (sorry).

Oh snap!If you think THAT fake pic of my body is funny! Wait till u see the video I had made w/ only my head,and my body had a cape on,and my hands under it,while a dancer danced to "Sweat"(C&C Music Factory) and R-E-S-P-E-C-T...(by I believe Aretha Franklin).I thought my kids would get a kick out of that,and they did!! All I did was kinda move my head and sing the words while I am doing different things in different dresses and shorty-shorts...even a towel.ha ha I had like 50 people watching me move my head,and everyone was hooping it up,telling me to stick my tongue out,bob my head I did,and it is so so so funny!Can you believe I actually FORGOT some of the words to R-E-S-P-E-C-T....I mean driving down the road,I can nail that song...but for some strange reason my freakin' memory suddenly took a vacation! hee hee
But it was fun.Even on the plane back when I fell asleep and spilled my drink all over the nice guy sitting beside me,and then watching me trying to use those tiny cocktail napkins wiping his wet shorts in the WRONG place.He was a good sport and dies laughing...that's when I realizec I was invading his wife's territory w/ a cocktail napkin.(oops).Leave it to me.